Proper dudes

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 7.09.48 PMJust for comparison, this is closer to what I was aiming for, in the last post.

Actually, the eventual goal is to support a lot of different models for characters, not just this one.  Should be reasonably easy to do, since these characters are (mostly) going through the same procedural model generation code as most of the rest of the game.

Next step is textures and a couple simple animations.

5 thoughts on “Proper dudes

    • Hm.. I guess I never posted about the chat, did I? It’s basically a re-theme of the notification area from the v1.1 prototype. With the chat, you can click on the green names to zoom to the character which sent the message, or whatever supplemental information is appropriate. I’m still conflicted about whether player characters should be sending “chatty” messages like the ones visible in this screenshot, or whether that just clutters things; the chat area will also contain notifications about the player’s objectives and things of that sort.

      Real MMOs give the player the ability to filter what text appears in their chat area for exactly that “de-cluttering” reason. But I’d sort of like to avoid needing to provide that sort of UI, if I can avoid it.

      • I tend to find that in most games with this kind of chatting by computer characters, it tends to actually make them feel less interesting and more fake/computer-controlled. When you’re just watching them run around doing their thing, it’s easier to see them as real-ish people, but then when you see them all spouting template phrases over and over again, it just makes them look like (dumb) computers.

        • That’s a very good point. Certainly the current “only three phrases” thing isn’t helping at all, but you do make a very strong case for removing the PC chatter completely. Might be a better idea to communicate PC “good thought”/”bad thought” by iconic means; little speech bubble balloons over their heads, that sort of thing.

          I need to go look at Roller Coaster Tycoon again. As I recall, that provided “recent thoughts” in prose form, albeit in a window which wasn’t always visible on-screen.

  1. On what you said about using icons:
    I do actually like the idea of using that kind of thought icon; it might be a good thing to consider even if you decide to keep the chatting. Relative to a list of textual thoughts (which can also be very useful), it’s a very effective way to combine contextual information like location and activity with whatever a large number of characters are thinking and to make it something you can quickly and easily see right there in the play area.

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