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Initially released 2nd June, 2008
Latest update 10th August, 2008



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Congratulations, you’re the new owner of ShadiSoft Software, the latest software development house to go have gone bust when their exciting new MMORPG failed to catch the public’s attention!  With a full staff of programmers, designers and artists to obey your every whim, it’s your job to reverse the company’s fortunes and become the most popular MMORPG on the block!

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MMORPG Tycoon is the very first VectorStorm game that’s controlled entirely with the mouse (except for entering the name of your MMORPG world, in the title screen).

As a convenience, as of version 1.0.14, you may use the arrow keys to pan the view (instead of right-click dragging), and use ‘a’ and ‘z’ to zoom in and out (instead of using the mouse wheel).

You may quit the game at any time by pressing ‘Q’ or ‘Esc’.


Game Design, Code & Gfx: Trevor Powell ( trevor (at) )

Music: Solar Cycle – Ray of Life

MMORPG Tycoon uses OpenGL, SDL, SDL_Mixer, the Mersenne Twister, and GLEW, and was initially written for entry to the TIGSource Procedural Generation contest.


  • 2nd June, 2008: Initial release. (29 days development time)
  • 2nd June, 2008: 1.0.1 release. Fixes rare crash caused by certain tools not deactivating themselves properly when you finish using them (Road tool and Inspect tool, in particular).
  • 2nd June, 2008: 1.0.2 release. Fixes mouse wheel going unresponsive if you start a game while the title screen’s text edit box is still active.
  • 2nd June, 2008: 1.0.3 release. Fixes build pane buttons going sticky;  this bug was introduced in version 1.0.1.
  • 2nd June, 2008: 1.0.4 release. Fixes graphical bug when deleting a building with a road attached.  Revises calculations for player satisfaction and addiction, forum buzz, etc.  Fixed “Monster Density” design setting to work as expected (higher values == more monsters).  Fixed “Combat Level Range” to not cause a divide-by-zero crash if set to zero.
  • 10th June, 2008: 1.0.5 release. Minor graphical tweaks to initial UI screens, Zone level modification buttons now activate the zoning tool when you click on them.
  • 11th June, 2008: 1.0.6 release. Fixes crash bug when “autoincrement” functionality is used for adjusting the level set on the zoning tool.
  • 13th June, 2008: 1.0.7 release (OS X only). MMORPG Tycoon should now be compatible with OS X 10.4.
  • 18th June, 2008: 1.0.8 release. MMORPG Tycoon now supports saving and loading games. Your current game is automatically saved whenever you exit or quit.
  • 19th June, 2008: 1.0.9 release (Win32). Fixed saving bug in Win32 build.
  • 20th June, 2008: 1.0.10 release.  Fixed even yet another saving bug in Win32 build.  Fixed interface bugs when drawing a road to a destination which is underneath floating UI elements (such as toolbars, etc).  Town, Respawn, and Starting Point placement tools no longer automatically deactivate after being used.
  • 23rd June, 2008: 1.0.11 release. Options screen now available to change resolution, disable rotating cursor, etc. Minor UI improvements.
  • 23rd June, 2008: 1.0.12 release. Fixed crash when a new user subscribes, if no starting points are placed.
  • 28rd June, 2008: 1.0.13 release. Fixed rare crash after a save/load, if an offline subscriber disconnected at his home, without having first picked up a quest at the time of the save.
  • 29th June, 2008: 1.0.14 release. Fixed bug in save code which could result in roads being placed incorrectly after a load.  Added keyboard keys to pan and zoom the view, primarily for laptop users.
  • 26th July, 2008: 1.0.15 release. Fixed bug where subscribers currently online after a load weren’t being added to the tally of “subscribers”. Fixed bug where subscribers didn’t have their full XP reset when they gained a level, if the player had increased the XP required per level above 10. Added Autosave support, and an option to disable it.
  • 10th August, 2008: 1.0.16 release.  Fixed crash bug on the second run after changing game preferences.  (This crash bug was introduced in 1.0.15)

73 thoughts on “MMORPG Tycoon

  1. Looks very nice, but I can’t play it!

    -My mouse wheel isn’t working o.O
    -When I select buttons in the build menu, they get highlighted, but dont get unhighlighted when I select another button

    I’d give more feedback, but I can’t zoom in =p

  2. I fixed the mouse wheel issue moments ago in 1.0.2. (game was getting stuck in “text entry” mode if you didn’t deselect the name-entry text box before starting the game).

    I’m compiling up a fix for the sticky build menu icons now; that bug slipped in during the crash fix from 1.0.1.

  3. Talk about quick response. :D

    Anyway, I have one suggestion right off the bat. If you could add a little tooltip when you mouse over things that identifies what they are, I think that’d be dandy. The first time I tried playing, I forgot what each geometric shape meant so I had to exit and re-read the instructions. Mouse-over text for the buttons would be perfect I think.

  4. Really cool! I’m playing on Linux using Wine on the Win32 executable, and it works fine. I found a bug though. I think it happened when I deleted something that had a road connected to it. It seems the game automatically connects your road to an existing building you just click on something rather than dragging, and I think the game connected a road to something I had already deleted. Here’s a screenie:
    The road just goes off the bottom of the screen and I can’t delete it.

  5. Few suggestions. One, ability to turn off the sound. It ain’t bad, but it gets old fast. Secondly, would it be possible to… save the game?

  6. Not bad. Not bad at all.

    StarCraft Online so far is doing wonderful in subscriptions. People aren’t addicted though hehe. But they like the game.

  7. I thought you’d be interested to know that this game almost made me miss a Stat final! I was going through the games from the competition while my girlfriend was glancing over every once in awhile, and yours happened to peak her interest and she asked to play it. She ended up staying up so late playing it that when she finally came to bed she was so tired that in the morning she turned off my alarm in her sleep! I still woke up later and made it to the final late, so I won’t hold you liable =P

    Also, there seems to be a problem with how users find the difficulty of the game. All my users kept saying it was too easy, so I gradually made it harder to try and find a sweet spot. By the end I had made all the monsters have 5 attack, 5 defense, and 10 hp with all the user classes having 1 attack and 1 defense, the monster aggression and density all the way up, and the road safety all the way down, and most people were still saying it was too easy.

  8. That’s a really good point! I should calculate the “too easy” and “too hard” complaints differently. Right now, a “too easy” complaint is generated every time a user fights against a monster which is more than combatLevelRange levels beneath his own level. Likewise, a “too hard” complaint happens whenever a user is killed by a monster which is more than combatLevelRange levels above him. (Combat Level Range can be set inside the Design/General settings pane). But you’re right; the attack/defense ratings should affect those too.

  9. This game is fantastic. But I’m missing the “Save” and “Load” buttons.

    There is just one thing: The game crashed after I built a road. While building, my mouse gone outside of the gamescreen and the road ended not at a town or a respawn point. I was’nt able to delete the road, so I tried to build a new one, but then the game crashed.
    I hope this helps you.

  10. The game sometimes seems to crash for me when I change zone levels when creating a new zone. Happened twice then I tried again and it seems fine. Nothing was in the error file.

    Also, would it be possible to have an option to start from scratch eventually? Something about having part of the game up and there being users logged in right from the start bothers me. Maybe I am weird, but I would like to start from nothing and work on it myself.

  11. Yeah starting from nothing would be great.
    And I’ve got more ideas.
    Configurable classes, where you can choose Warrior, Hunter, Priest and Mage and set different names how the class is called.
    And a much higher Levelcap. 50 sounds not high enough. I didn’t played much time, because it crashed (I wrode it above), but I think Level 80 or even 100 should be the possible cap.
    And it would be great, if you can edit the monsters and in which zone they appear.

    What are your plans for future? What will you change? This is the first game in the world where you can create an game. A game in a game. I haven’t seen this anywhere before.

  12. An other thing: I managed to change the resolution and SoundVolume. Just go into your Gamefolder, then there should be a Data folder. Within that folder, you should see a Preferences folder. There is the Data global.prefs. Open it. The first Value stands for the current valure, the second stands for nothing and the third number is the max.

    Resolution 7 0 10
    ResolutionY 864 0 1280
    ResolutionX 1152 0 1280
    MusicVolume 0 0 10
    EffectVolume 8 0 10
    Bloom 1 0 1
    Fullscreen 0 0 1

    I changed my resolution and turned the MusicVolume off.

  13. Actually, the first value is the ‘current’ value, the second is the minimum value, and the third is the maximum value. In version 1.1 (hopefully sometime toward the end of this week?) there’ll be save games, and all these options will be editable in-game. Just didn’t get there within the time limit. :)

    For future plans, I’ve listed a bunch in the post-mortem, but key things are improvements to user AI. I do plan to let players start from scratch in a near future version; I didn’t include that in this version because I didn’t want to lose that aspect of procedural generation. And save and load are obvious additions that I need to put in; again, just didn’t have time for the competition entry version. :)

    And thanks for the comment on the road problem; I’ll get that fixed for a new version. Or maybe I’ll wait for the next big version, where I’m planning to rewrite the road system entirely, so roads don’t just extend in a (more or less) straight line between two buildings, but instead can be set up as a road network.

    And of course, the killer suggestion is letting the player enter his own game, either to play in it or to act as a GM. I’m a little nervous about this, as I’m not sure exactly how the interface would work. Might need to switch to keyboard control when that happens. Or maybe it’d be “click to move”. Don’t expect this in the next revision, though; this sort of feature would be in the distant future. :)

  14. Great idea for a game. There seem to be quite a few crashes. At least one that I’ve been able to replicate is holding an arrow down or up when changing a zone level. Unsure of the other crashes I’ve had but I can’t seem to get a game going for long then 10min.

  15. Im loving the game so far and i cant wait to see how the game evolves from here. Its a great idea and cant wait for the future releases! ^^

    Also id like to help with graphics if needed! (cant do coding tho just graphic related stuff)

  16. Awesome work. :)

    Haven’t downloaded it yet, I’ve been reading your forums, bookmarked your site, and am waiting for 1.1 before I do. :)

    Couple of points/suggestions (caveat: produced in ignorance of the game’s *actual* behaviour):
    – There’s a small linguistic issue with calling the little runner-rounds “players”, when the game “player” is the person playing MMORPG Tycoon. This’ll become more of an issue in the documentation phase than it is now. “Suckers” and “noobs” are apt but over-cynical. “Subscribers” has a meaning already in the game. Maybe apply a semi-apt word, like “adherents”?
    – I notice you’re Australian, like myself! :) Is lag a player stat?
    – IMO lag, skill and gear can all be modelled as basically just modifiers to effective level: you might want an uber-skilled, zero-ping, well-geared level 40 character to swing an effective level as high as 50. This also affects level-cap; if the level cap is 70, you can still reasonably have level 90 monsters in the game, if players are able to acquire +20 levels in gear and skill.
    – Players could have variable starting skill, variable physical capacity and intelligence/keenness affecting skill acquisition speed (some noobs remain noobs forever).
    – Are you bothering with the alt concept? This has all kinds of social and game effects. For example, an alt can be easily equipped at +5 effective level, at least up to the level of the mini-player’s “main” (his/her maximum-level character, noting that an alt can surpass the main and not necessarily be switched – a main is also defined by time spent playing it); an alt’s friends and enemies and guild should automatically be the same as its main’s; an alt and a main should never be in-game at the same time; groups lacking a certain class, perhaps because that class is suboptimal as set up, could check their members for alts and force a redundant member (unhappily or not as the case may be) to switch to an alt.
    – Setting the number of alts a mini-player is allowed to have, has effects. Age of Conan, for instance, limits alts far more than WoW.
    – I’m assuming the game models only one server. If not (and it need not necessarily do so), alts are a way to facilitate cross-server transfers (for $!). Players who are friends with players who have mains on other servers may be tempted to move server.
    – Does the game implement group questing, and dungeon questing? I noticed references to dungeon zones, but actual *grouping* is really what gives an MMORPG its second M, IMO. Group size should be able to be set by the player; in the case of raids, I suggest implementing it as multiples of standard group sizes.
    – Do you keep track of players’ attitudes towards each other? Suggestion: each player gets a “friendly/mean” score of his/her own (maybe adjust this by age and gender: anecdotally, under-20’s are more likely to be mean, women more likely to be friendly), that sets his/her default willingness to help others and group with others; also, maintains a “friends list” and an “enemies list”, will group preferentially with friends, and fight with enemies. Certain actions, such as success at group quest, aid of lower-level players, and simply spending time grouped (players often group for no pressing in-game reason), could increase the likelihood of players becoming friends. Failure at group quests, dropping group before the end of the quest, PvP combat, and breaches of all-important *LOOT ETIQUETTE* (!!!) should have a chance of creating enmity.
    – Change player attitude to each other as influenced by their friends’ attitudes, ie a player’s friends’ friends get, say, +10 to liking; a player’s friends’ enemies get, say, -20 to liking.
    – Players should randomly start off as each others’ friends, (occasionally, enemies) for out-of-game reasons.
    – Under this model, player guilds are easy enough to produce. Once a person has, say, 10 people whom he likes a certain amount, he starts to get a chance per day of wanting to start a guild. (There is an *excellent* guild name generator at ). Then we have guild leadership issues. Probably the most popular player in the guild should be the leader, which should give a bonus to “liking” to the leader’s characters for other members of that guild – if the leader wants you to run his alt through the lowbie zone, you’re more likely to do it. :)
    – Do you keep fine track of loot? IMO all you need for that is to declare the item slots that a player has, eg head, shoulders, chest, hands, legs, feet, back, weapon, off-hand (again, I’m eagerly awaiting 1.1, I don’t know what the game actually has atm), and declare for each item a few things, such as its minimum level, its equip slot, class(es) (multi-class items give potential for LOOT DRAMA!!!), rarity, and level-adjust (ie, by what degree it modifies a player’s effective level). “Set synergy” is an interesting question for loot – if you set the “set synergy dial” high, your MMO should have a lot of “Boots of Teh Fat Guy”/”Hat of Teh Fat Guy”/”Gloves of Teh Fat Guy” sets with synergistic effective level bonuses, and players should have a high draw towards completing sets. The player of MMORPG-Tycoon should be able to set rules for the items to be generated; the mini-players in the game should (I expect they *do*) have their own “greed/laziness/gaming time per week” stats with which to respond. Uber loot to aspire to is a major draw of MMOs. Those who have the uber-est loot are minor celebrities in the game and people’s attitudes towards them (love or hate) should be amplified by some factor. Guilds whose members consistently have uber loot should be pestered by people wanting to join, and zones they choose (for whatever reasons) to raid consistently, should become more popular among other players.
    – Desirable loot dropped only by particular monsters and in particular dungeons should attract players. I think it’s reasonable to assume all players are at all times aware of all loot available in the game and where it may be found; although they should also place idiosyncratic values on loot.
    – Is there a means to set the “PvP/PvE-ness” of the game, with attendant appeal to hardcore vs carebear players, and attendant consequences in terms of griefer creation? Can we set given zones as “free PvP” vs “consensual PvP” (assume that players in this zone have a chance of desiring PvP and wander about looking for others the same, and if they die repeatedly, will lose interest in PvP) vs “safe zone”?

    Once again, brilliant idea. Looking forward to playing it. :)

  17. In regards to the “too easy” question: *farming*. Are you modelling farming? If a player, for whatever reason (in WoW, Primals of various elements at the ideal example) *must* acquire vast numbers of a thing to upgrade his/her gear, then “too easy” is not a complaint, quite the opposite!

    A real-life MMO player’s desire to be challenged by monsters depends on his/her personality too. I’ve known people who enjoy trying to solo group dungeons, or kite huge monsters around the map; I also know people who are quite happy to just do quests to read the stories and fight the monsters with a minimal chance of death.

    No-one likes to *always* die – but monsters against which one has a 90% *chance* of dying, are very, very sweet to defeat, and the game *lacking* such monsters should generate some “too easy” complaints. Can players “see” their odds of success against any given monster?

  18. runs great on my windows pc, but on my mac (10.5.3 osx) the performance is very, very bad. any suggestions? :(

  19. Some Ideas/Complaints for the game, I love it, but there could be changes-

    -Customer Negative Feedback starts ramping up exponentially randomly (I went from -180 to -7000 something in a minute, with no real change in issues)

    -Classes, towns, and Enemies should be able to be renamed

    -“Player” AI is a bit random, level ones will leave the lowbie zones to the upper level zones, then complain about the game being too hard.

    -Special landmarks such as dungeons and capitol towns should be added that have more of an impact on addiction

  20. “Customer Negative Feedback starts ramping up exponentially randomly (I went from -180 to -7000 something in a minute, with no real change in issues)”
    Realistic. :) Not necessarily good for it as a game, though.

    “Classes, towns, and Enemies should be able to be renamed”
    Personally, I disagree. The wizards, orcs, dragons theme has the strong advantage of everyone knowing where they stand, what they are, etc without a whole bunch of explanation. Generated town and monster names etc give the player of MMORPG Tycoon *less* control, which adds to the “sim” feel, the idea that you’re playing with something that has reality of its own. YMMV.

    “”Player” AI is a bit random, level ones will leave the lowbie zones to the upper level zones, then complain about the game being too hard.”
    Realistic. :) At least, until the players figure it all out a bit better, which shouldn’t take too long. I suppose the solution to that is to put intermediate zones between lowbie zones and higher-level zones, ie the way WoW works.

  21. Would it be possible to add an option to remove the rotating mouse cursor? It’s almost impossible to play since it’s extremely disorienting to see the thing you’re trying to click with rotate and just be a general pain in the ass.

  22. Naming your MMORPG is not working at the moment. Running v1.0.6 on Vista 64 Ultimate. Clicking the area where it says ‘Click here to name MMORPG’ doesn’t do anything at all.

    Also to repeat the dozens of posts above this one…
    save/load feature please =p
    getting bad buzz because a player enters a zone that is too high or low for him sucks! =p

  23. This is for the Mac Build (running on a Mac Mini w/ 2 GB RAM). How does one move the map around. I will get a piece of the map under the status of the game and am able to shift the game upwards, but seem unable to get the game to shift downwards.

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  25. Reading the accumulated feature requests, all I can say is.. you guys are going to love 1.1. :) (And yes, I’ll add a preference to disable the rotating mouse cursor; easily done!)

    Among the big new features for 1.1 are planned to be: Parties. Guilds. Map features. Improved towns. Improved roads. Improved user AI. More users connected at once (aiming for a max of 100,000 subscribers and 10,000 users online at once). Improved interface (including options to change resolution, fullscreen/windowed, music volume, etc). An in-game tutorial. And (wait for it..) a “start from scratch” mode. Plus, of course, save/load, which I might release as 1.0.7, just on its own. It was really bad of me to release MMORPG Tycoon without save/load facilities in the first place, but I had a contest entry deadline to meet. ;)

  26. Those new features sound fantastic. I can’t really think of any particular feature that you listed than I want more or haven’t wanted to ask for hehe.

    Increased server load is going to make my life so much easier. I finally found a gameplay model that works but as soon as I hit around 1,500 users online zones start to go down and my buzz goes from +3500/-300 to so deep in the negative that I just have to start over hehe.

    Oh and any plans for further customization as far as names go?

    Bug: Playing on vista 64 ultimate, you see a ‘click here to name mmmorpg’ during gameplay that doesn’t work. the one from the main menu before starting the game works fine.

  27. Trevor, Good work, does the fact that you get more users mean you are lifting the 100 player/zone cap?

    Anyway, is there an ETA for v1.1?

  28. I hope the zone cap either goes away or gets set much higher. I can be doing extremely well, but once I hit 1,500 online users all my newbie zones start crashing constantly. Making new ones doesn’t seem to eleviate the problem either =(

  29. how do i know wich monsters are in wich zone ?
    it would be very nice when i can set one or two monster typs for 1 zone type.

  30. In response to the AI being seemingly random when entering higher level zones..

    Once players (subscribers, not you) choose a home, they will circle around it and go back and forth from the town to the field to heal, quest, and hunt. However, players do not limit themselves to the zone the town is in, they will too wander in adjacent zones. Fortunately, they do not wander past zones that are 2 or more zones away from the zone of the town.

    The developer :D, mentioned this in his thread in TIGSource so I just wanted to make it clear, over here.

  31. so how can i create monsters for highend zones ?
    if i create monsters with 5/5/10 and they will respawn at a lvl 1-6 zone all players will die at this mob -.-

  32. Suggestion: The ability to raise the user limit per server, but the cost of maintaining the server (which is probably an abstraction of multiple servers) increases. More zones means more servers which means higher cost of keeping the game online.

    Game changes should take time to take effect. The time it takes should be a function of the number of employees you have. Adding new features (like monsters and classes and stuff, when that’s in the game), expanding the world, and tweaking the game would all need employees. Each kind of change to the simulation could be based off of certain types of employees as well.

    Good games are all about a lot of interesting decisions. Keep adding places where the player has to say “What should I do?” and you have a winning formula!

  33. Great game. Is it possible to integrate a language file, to translate the text in game?
    Some other things could be saving and starting from scratch.

    Thanks for this great game again.

  34. Aww, I’ve got a screen problem. The game *runs* fine but there’s a major graphical flaw- any part of the screen past about 640x (guessing) is all black, and the cursor cannot be seen there.

    As such it’s bypassed by running in 640×480, but it’s very hard to see in that resolution. Full screen and higher resolutions have no effect, disabling bloom in the pref file has no visible effect. Some interesting lines of stdout:

    “Failed to find all OpenGL functions required for bloom shader.
    Trying a deep scan for OpenGL functions improperly exposed by the driver.
    OpenGL extensions not supported for bloom shader: ” (and a list follows)

    Specs: Intel Pentium Dual-Core @ 1.6ghz, Vista, Intel, 2GB of RAM, Mobile Intel 965 Express graphics (I have a feeling this is the killer… if I understand, it only supports OpenGL 1.5)

    Seems like a very fun game, though. =)

  35. Also would love to play the game, but it runs terribly slow on my PC: Intel Quad Core @2.40ghz, 3gig ram, Geforce 8500 GT, Vista 32bit. I checked the stdout file after running the game and it says everything is running fine but my average FPS given in the file is 3.08 (and so on). Any suggestions?

  36. Well, I had to turn off the bloom via the global file – the game runs super smooth now. Must be my card’s settings. Off to play!

  37. I skimmed the comments and Tig but didn’t see a few things I thought might be interesting. Have you thought about adding more varity to the classes, as well as other features, based on various elements such as specifying what staff you hire? As the description says, there’s “a full staff of programmers, designers and artists to obey your every whim,” so why not have additional features be unlocked via their related department?

    (note: I’m not bothering to format the wall ‘o text ahead all that well, so beware.)

    Programmers could be set to various tasks (i.e. 20 to client optimizations, 10 to server optimizations, 3 to A.I. development [which would be died to the Development staff…] 2 to skill debugging.) Developers could cover various bits of everything. Someone has to BS together a magic list of features to tick off the other departments, right? Perhaps ideas for features could start here. Maybe divide the departments into storyline (to open mostly art dept projects), features (crafting/classes/sever transfers/paid expansions/whatever,) and so on. Artists could be used to add theme options for zones (gotta have some fiery lairs to raid,) perhaps be used with the loot ideas to open up more things for subscribers to complain about. Happy face nipple stickers are not going to pass for top of the line female raid gear. >.>

    I’ve seen GMs and banhammers brought up at several places, so I guess wrap them and some various other folks into one customer service department. Could set policies for the game and forums in there as well. What could be an additional level of complexity to the game could be a refinement of the complaint reports. Perhaps some issues first show up as petitions, from complaints about drowning, to reports of griefing, onward to uberguilds complaining that Uberfoozle 3 is 20% harder than Uberfoozle 2 but has similar loot. Petitions combined with a sort of forums (maybe even just the community liasion or the forum mods in general) to let you know fairly clearly what is too easy about the game, and where. No point removing respawn points from near the starter towns if people think 9 points in a single 40-45 zone is too easy.

    As an extra “zomg stop suggesting things” idea, perhaps various roles, from Community Liason to artists, could have the equivalent of hero units. Perhaps someone running one of the fansites gets hired on as Liason, or maybe a talented programmer from that “World of Blades” game defects and brings with him some “nifty coding” (at the risk of getting sued by his previous employer.) There are endless possibilities in a person’s head, and I think, based on the comments, that there are a lot of people with ideas to make this into a true “Tycoon” game. However it is your game, so go where you think the game will be fun without sucking the life from your fingertips. But, if I may leave you with one suggestion that sticks, may it be this:

    Add a wishlist below the changelog ;)

  38. I’d very much appreciate keyboard control of the camera. I just can’t stand having to zoom out and then in again to move around. Trying to move just a little to the left, instead of a nudge of the arrow key, requires me to move the mouse to one side of the screen, zoom out, then the other side of the screen, zoom in.

    Other than that, I love the concept and gameplay so far :)

  39. Woops, found out that right mouse button lets you pan. Still, arrow key panning would be nice.

    Some more issues: Zooming doesn’t work properly after inspecting someone. The camera gets stuck on the inspected thing, and going to other menus won’t unstick it. (I eventually figured out I had to inspect the ground.) I realize this might be intentional, but it’s annoying to have to switch over to inspect and click the ground to get my camera back.

    Also, while inspecting, the stats of the last person inspected show even when you click on a town or other building – this is confusing since it looks like the respawn point is a level 3 Monocle or whatever. It’d be helpful to leave the box blank except for the name of the object. Perhaps show how many residents the town has or other info instead. I’d also like some way to see how many people are in each zone, maybe by inspecting the ground in a zone?

    You can’t set a zone until you change the zone range first. Having to select the building icon every time I stamp a building down gets tedious, too.

    Right off the bat I got a lot of drowning complaints. Apparently roads over water don’t let people cross the water? People also seem to have no awareness of the water, they’ll walk right across the ocean if that’s the straightest path to where they’re going. Don’t complain about drowning if you decide to walk straight into the bay! :P Slightly weirder is they’ll fight monsters in the water (obviously there’s no zone there, and the monsters are ‘level 0’, but the people still die from drowning).

    People seem to have no regard for the zone level. Level 1 guys go into a 5-10 zone and fight level 10 super-monsters. And, of course, complain that the game’s too hard when they die. Protip: the game’s a lot easier when you don’t commit suicide! :P

    At the start your loan is a million dollars, but you have a million in your bank account. Either the company made the game without spending any money, or the game is already so successful that thay are making profit already. What’s up with that? There doesn’t seem to be any consequences to having the loan or not.

    I don’t mean to complain, I really like the game, and I know you’re already working on the AI and roads. Hopefully these suggestions can help you out a little. I’ll be looking for update 1.1!

  40. It would be nice if the starting points, respawn points, and town options were toggles like the way roads and zones are. That way I can select what I want to build and put down as many as I need without having to continually click what I want to build.

  41. I confirm the black band showstopper bug reported by “The Mimic” above.
    I’m another proud and happy Intel 965 user (Compaq 6710 laptop, non-upgradeable HP OpenGL drivers).

  42. Mr. Gatti, I may have a solution for you, provided you were also getting the “driver not validated” message when trying to upgrade from Intel directly. It seems to have worked for me, at least. If you download the latest drivers ( – for Intel Mobile GMA 965 ) and uninstall your vendor specific drivers before trying to upgrade, it should pass validation (For me, on a Toshiba Satellite, Vista Home Premium 32-Bit)

    It’s worth noting I downloaded the .zip package as opposed to the .exe, but it shouldn’t really make a difference I guess. As Intel notes themselves, though, uninstalling your vendor’s drivers may disable anything they customized themselves. I’m also trying this in version 1.0.10, the latest at the time of writing.

  43. Hm, I’m afraid I’ve run into a bug in 1.0.10 (Win32, Vista, etc) – Upon the loading of a saved game, my roads are extremely messed up. Imagine nine zones next to one another, each with a town and a road going to another town. When I load, there are tons of roads all over the place, ten from one city going to spawn points and starting areas that were never even linked up!

    It’s quite bizarre looking.

    Anyway, that didn’t stop it from being playable or anything. You’ve got quite an awesome game here- ironically, I find it very addicting (my players didn’t find my game addicting, however). I love being able to watch the individual players (represented by an “@” — nice touch, the Roguelike fans will appreciate it!) – It’s funny to see a badass newbie charge into a rather high level zone, alone, and do surprisingly well. I had one guy camped outside of a city, murdering everything he ran into. Quite an enterprising chap.

    My first MMORPG had a lot of funny drowning related incidents, despite the fact that there was no need for anyone to go near water. That and the game was too difficult for them, so I started from scratch. Half the fun is coming up with a name again– Record of Warlineage X!

    Particularly fond of the class/monster names generated from the MMORPG name. Lot of Brave Cats and Evil Heroes in my MMORPG.

    I’m eagerly looking forward to the development of the game! If you need a before/after save-file relating to that funny road bug I mentioned, I’d be happy to upload them. Again, not a terrible bug but it sets off my dormant OCD, hehe. Must have spent half the night playing this.

  44. I’ve had a few reports of that, Patrick, but still haven’t been able to reproduce it myself. If you could send me a before-and-after screenshot and the save file, I’d be very grateful!

  45. I find it impossible to play because I can only navigate with the mousewheel. This is innefective in terms of where it zooms into. Eventually I cam left with a blank screen and no map.

  46. I really like your game, trevor. It’s very classy.

    Nitpick: when setting the level range for a new zone, I tend to miss those absurdly tiny [-] and [+] buttons you’ve given me. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that my mouse clicks go through the palette background and thus I end up re-designating one of my already created zones. Can you make the palette background non clickable?

    Bug: I had a six-zone newbie area with level range 1-4. In 4 of these zones, I had towns. In one of the zones without towns, I had a starting point which was linked to the towns via roads. When I deleted the starting point, the game crashed.

    This was on the second day of play, with about 2000 subscribers. Running on a mac, 10.5. By the way, thanks for making this available to mac users. Really cool of you. :)

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  48. Great Game!!!

    With version .10, adding save games gives this game a hugely long life.
    I would be interested in hearing how others are doing. How many users have people been able to amass?

    I have only played for about an hour and have roughly 230 users, and the average level is 2, with the highest of 5.

  49. Having the option of keyboard control would be nice. My mousewheel is broken right now so I can’t zoom in, and I’d really like to try this game!

  50. In response to B4Z4RU5, i’ve been able to max out subscribers at 10,000 with +3500 forum buzz. Unfortunately once online users reach 1,500 or so my newbie areas start getting overloaded and zones start going down and my negative buzz skyrockets. I’ve been busy with other things and haven’t been able to play since 1.07 so I don’t know if the increased server population limits has gone in yet.

  51. No, the server population limits haven’t changed (I’ve made no gameplay changes since 1.0.4, which was the contest entry.)

    But if your newbie area is getting overloaded, then you can place another newbie area. Just zone up another low-level region and add another starting point and town to it, and half your new users will appear at that new starting area.

  52. I tried that, I actually made about 4-5 new lowbie zones with starting areas, towns and respawn points. I zoom in and I see players running around but the original newbie zones still crash constantly.

    I don’t know what the game does with the players that are in zones that crash but it seems like they are just reloading into the same zone and crashing it again hehe. I’ve even gone as far as removing the starting areas from those zones to try and shift load to the newer zones with no luck at all. It seems like once a zone goes down its going to be a problem child for the duration of the game.

  53. MSD hit 10000 subscribers, wow. I am really enjoying this game. I have only logged about 2 hours and have about 400 subs now. Downloading and installing 12 now.

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  55. You may be interested in this save ( On my compute it crashes every time I try to continue playing it. As far as I know, I didn’t do anything especially strange while setting up my world. One thing that’s definitely off is the classes. Two of the five don’t have a defence listed, even though I set it ealier. Changing it back doesn’t prevent it from crashing though.

  56. I experienced an odd problem with the saving feature. I saved my game, then game back a few hours later, and all of the roads were stretched down to the last town I made.. so there were about 40 roads all stretching across the room very odd looking… lol

  57. That’s a very awesome map, Magus! Thanks very much for the save file; I’ve found the crash bug that you were hitting, and am putting together a 1.0.13 build right now. (Your save game file will be compatible with 1.0.13; just copy it into the ‘Saves’ directory of the new build)

    The bug was to do with offline subscribers; when they logged in after a save/load cycle, if they happened to be standing inside their home town and hadn’t picked up a quest from it before the save, then they would cause a crash while they tried to pick up a quest. I just wasn’t properly setting a particular value on subscribed but offline users.

    The trouble with classes that you mentioned turned out to just be a rendering problem; everything was working correctly except for drawing those values to the screen. I’ve also fixed this for 1.0.13, which should be downloadable within an hour.

  58. Thanks for the update. This is an awesome game and I look forward to future developments. :)

  59. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention, but there seems to be another bug. It’s nothing game-breaking, but it looks like when players level up, they retain all but 10 of their XP. In the same save, I have to XP/lvl set to 100, but when someone levels up, they still have 90 XP and level up again fairly quickly. I can’t tell for sure if it effects everyone though.

  60. Hi, I’m guessing the third item on the monster design screen is ‘health’.

    Here is a link to a save file. It shows a probelm that seems to develop whenever I close the game and then reload a save file. The roads get all jumbled up, many are deleted, and many new ones are added that go accross the entire map.

    Also when this happens I immediately start seeing players with no home skyrocket up.

    Thanks again for a fun game.

    Save file:

  61. Yeah, the mouse wheel zoom is a big problem if you’re, for instance, playing on a touchpad. Provide another way to zoom.

  62. Thanks for that save file, B4Z4RU5! I have good news and bad news.

    The good news is that I’ve found the bug, and am well on my way to fixing it. This bug would only occur after the second save/load process, where the player had placed buildings and roads during both previous runs of the game.

    The bad news is that the bug occurred during saving, which means that the problem is saved into the save game file, and you’ll actually have to fix the roads manually the first time you open your save file in 1.0.14. Sorry about that! (But there’ll be code in place which will detect when a save file from 1.0.13 or earlier is bugged, and will make its best guess about where the roads were intended to be.. though it may get things wrong from time to time.)

    And touchpad is a good point, Mike. I’ll have keyboard pan/zoom controls included in 1.0.14 as well. (I’m primarily developing on a MacBook Pro, which doesn’t even have a second mouse button on its trackpad!). I’ll use the arrow keys for panning.. does anybody have preferences about what buttons should be used for zooming? ‘a’ and ‘z’, maybe?

    Expect to see a version 1.0.14 within a few hours, which will fix the road-saving problem and the touchpad control problem. Also, I’m thinking about setting up a forum. This comments page is getting surprisingly long! :)

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