Grid view

The single most persistent visual problem I’ve had in this game has been how to make the “grid” view visually interesting.  It’s a necessary view;  there needs to be a way to see, visually, the layout of your map using color to indicate something other than visible geometry.  (In this screenshot, I’m using it to…


The road to Greenlight

It’s been a month since the MS10 build was released, and I’ve been working on preparing a Steam Greenlight campaign for MMORPG Tycoon 2.  Most of this work is going into (finally!) improving the state of the art in the game, to make it a little more presentable in trailers and screenshots. Over the next…


Milestone 10 Build

So with 336 commits since milestone 9, here we go with MMORPG Tycoon 2’s milestone 10 build!  Click through for download links. UPDATE:  Builds have been updated to Milestone 10.1, which fixes a DLL dependency issue in the 32-bit Windows build, and a crash-on-startup on computers without sufficient OpenGL support to run the game.


Milestone 10 build imminent

All features and content for the Milestone 10 build are now complete;  only a few small bugfixes remain. So at this stage, I’m expecting to upload the Milestone 10 build on Sunday morning;  somewhere around 40 hours after this blog post.