Milestone 10 Build

So with 336 commits since milestone 9, here we go with MMORPG Tycoon 2’s milestone 10 build!  Click through for download links. UPDATE:  Builds have been updated to Milestone 10.1, which fixes a DLL dependency issue in the 32-bit Windows build, and a crash-on-startup on computers without sufficient OpenGL support to run the game.


Milestone 10 build imminent

All features and content for the Milestone 10 build are now complete;  only a few small bugfixes remain. So at this stage, I’m expecting to upload the Milestone 10 build on Sunday morning;  somewhere around 40 hours after this blog post.


Milestone 10 incoming

The blog has been quiet for a few months, but work has been ongoing! The milestone 10 build should be here within just a few days; this includes a lot of new functionality, and even more is waiting in the wings for the Greenlight campaign that’s coming next. So no new images in this post; …

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 6.48.04 pm

Bloom madness

I took a day off from development today.  But that doesn’t mean that I was away from the game;  just that I wasn’t working on the things which were actually on the task list for the milestone 10 build (I’m almost, almost through it, now;  only three major tasks left to complete). Instead, I spent…